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How Can We Improve Cleaning & Disinfection Practices to Reduce HAI Transmission?

APR 06, 2017 | KRISTI ROSA
Because the last sessions of the project were just conducted last week, the only available data at this time pertain to the first two levels, which seem to show some “pretty good outcomes.” Dr. Calfee reported, “[A total of] 92% [of participants thought] the material was definitely useful; 90% [said] that they would recommend it to their coworkers; 72% [learned] something new; and 94% felt that the suggestions related to those common barriers would be useful, which was particularly encouraging to us.”
Dr. Calfee concluded, “Throughout this project, [we’ve learned that] improving is hard, and sustaining improvement can be even harder. Why does this happen? For me, I think about it through the character Doug, from the movie, Up. Doug gets very excited about things and he focuses a lot of attention and love on something when he first sees it, but then a squirrel goes by, and he’s totally forgotten what he was so in love with.” He added, “I think that’s kind of what we often do. We’re very involved in a project and then a squirrel goes by, [or] The Joint Commission comes to see you, or some new problem comes along, or the grant funding runs out, and we’re distracted. So, I think we need to think about how we can’t be a Doug, and how we can [instead] maintain our focus and continue to improve what we’re doing.”
SHEA Spring 2017 Conference  
Environmental Services as a Patient Safety Initiative
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