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UVC Machines Able to Reduce Transmission of 4 Major Superbugs in Hospitals

MAR 22, 2017 | KRISTI ROSA
The hospitals that participated in the trial were able to achieve “90% compliance with the UVC machine using careful planning and communication,” according to Dr. Anderson, which suggests that overcoming these challenges in real-world settings is possible.

In addition to UV light, Dr. Anderson and his team also shared additional methods that hospitals actively use to reduce transmission. “Hand hygiene is a big focus,” he said. “We also use what we call contact precautions where for patients that we know have these pathogens, we’ll wear gowns and gloves, and then discard those gowns and gloves when we’re done caring for that patient so we don’t then carry that organism to the next patient.”

Duke Health plans to take their research a step further by taking a closer look at “day-to-day strategies” that hospital personnel can perform to improve infection control.
Feature Picture Source: Duke Health YouTube Channel.
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