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ASM Microbe 2017 Conference

Select coverage from ASM Microbe 2017 Conference is included below:

Continuing the Fight Against Gram-Negative Infections: Help for Existing Carbapenems—Part 2
Another prong in the battle against resistant Gram-negative infections is the addition of beta-lactamase inhibitors to restore or improve the activity of older carbapenems.
Testing for Multidrug-Resistant Pneumonia
Alan Gross, PharmD, discusses testing options for multidrug-resistant pneumonia.
Continuing the Fight Against Gram-Negative Infections: The New Agents—Part 1
Antimicrobial-resistant organisms, particularly Gram-negative bacteria, present a critical threat and a substantial burden.
Study Finds Antibiotics to Treat CAP Failed in 1 in 4 Patients: Why?
Alan Gross, PharmD, postulates why one in four patients experienced treatment failure for community-acquired pneumonia in a recent study.
Using Neural Networks to Predict Multidrug-resistant Organisms
Alan Gross, PharmD, explains how a neural network can help identify patients who are at increased risk for multidrug-resistant pathogens.
Drawbacks of Current Prediction Tools Used for Pneumonia
Alan Gross, PharmD, shares the drawbacks of some of the current prediction tools used for pneumonia.
Early Diagnosis of Multidrug-Resistant Pneumonia Benefits Patient Outcomes
Alan Gross, PharmD, shares how an early diagnosis of multidrug-resistant pneumonia can work towards improving patient outcomes.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?