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FDA, Advocacy Group Clash Over Hydroxychloroquine
As the debate on hydroxychloroquine rages on, the FDA and a new advocacy group have sparred about the appropriateness of physicians prescribing the drug for COVID-19.
Panel Gives Weak Recommendation for Remdesivir for Severe COVID-19 Patients
After review of 2 randomized trials, a panel of health care providers and patients see limited benefit for the medication. 
Lily, NIAID Launch Phase 3 Prevention Trial Centered on Nursing Homes
The trial will assess a monoclonal antibody based investigational treatment that may prevent COVID-19.
RLF-100 Could Reduce Ventilator Use, Viral Replication in Severe COVID-19
The VIP antiviral therapy shows capability in reducing COVID-19 inflammatory biomarkers, as well as respiratory failure risks.
Technique Predicts Stability of Potential Monoclonal Antibody Therapies
Collodial stability measures may predict whether a potential antibody-based treatment will work early on in the drug development process.
Healthcare Worker COVID-19 Risk Linked to Ethnicity, PPE, and Case Exposure
New findings show "structural inequities" among the US and UK frontline responders first infected months ago.
Fauci Testifies on Unifying Coronavirus Response at Hearing
Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC's Dr. Robert Redfield, & HHS' Admiral Brett Giroir spoke at a congressional hearing on coordinating the future of the national coronavirus response.
2 Companies Supplying US with 100 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine
GSK, Sanofi were selected by US Operation Warp Speed to provide a large supply.