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The Contagion® coronavirus specialty page provides clinical news and articles, links to condition-specific resources, and videos on the coronavirus.


When the Cytokine Storm Hits COVID-19 Patients
A New York City cardiologist talks about the presentation of patients with severe COVID-19 who experienced this condition.
Keeping up with Patient Care During the COVID-19 Quarantine
Medha Munshi, MD, discusses the specific challenges of the quarantine and how she was able to help her patients with diabetes comply with their care.
Does Data Improve Vaccine Adherence?
What role does new research play in combating public vaccination concerns?
Dr. Peter Hotez Argues for Federal Coordination of COVID-19 Response
Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, recently authored a paper proposing a federally directed but state-adaptive reopening that aims for acceptable national suppression by October 1.
How Are Vaccines Deemed Safe?
A discussion on the process by which the FDA regulates vaccine candidates at a time when COVID-19 candidates are progressing.
Coronavirus Science Is Not Binary
Why reducing pandemic research and response to yes-or-no outcomes is harming public health.
Connecting COVID-19 to Cancer Research
Dr. Adam Brufsky, an oncologist, compares viral and cancer immunity. Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong connects the relation to COVID-19 vaccine research.
Setting Standards for a COVID-19 Vaccine
What should be anticipated in effectiveness and implication for the leading candidates.