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Changing the Game in Pediatric Diagnosis of Serious Bacterial Infections
A new protocol avoids spinal taps and antibiotics in the quest for evaluating febrile infants.
Abundance of Enteroviruses in the Gut Linked to Type 1 Diabetes Precursor
Although the cause of childhood-onset type 1 diabetes remains unknown, a new study links a precursor of the condition to an abundance of certain viruses in the gut.
Cutting MRSA Infections Post-Discharge
Post-discharge decolonization education and bioburden reduction could be critical to reducing MRSA infections.
Shingrix Shortages Only the Latest Vaccine Supply Issue in US: Public Health Watch
The rise of Shingrix as a first-choice prophylaxis for shingles has lead to increased demand as the manufacturer commits to ramping up production.
Ibuprofen Shows Promise in Controlling <i>S aureus</i>
Ibuprofen succeeded in fighting S aureus in a laboratory setting, although it’s not clear whether the same effect would hold true in patients with systemic infections.
FDA Approves Premixed Vancomycin Injection
The FDA has approved room temperature stable, premixed vancomycin injections, which will be available in ready-to-use bags.
Oral Antibiotics Non-Inferior to IV Antibiotics for Orthopedic Infections in OVIVA Trial
Although IV antibiotics have been the standard of care for bone and joint infections, a new study finds that oral antibiotics were non-inferior.
Big advances in treatment can't make up for an inability to stop new infections, which number 5,000 per day worldwide.