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Enterovirus A71 Outbreak in Colorado Underscores Need for Better Surveillance
A closer look at the 2018 enterovirus A71 outbreak in Colorado highlights the need for non-sterile site testing to detect infections.
Treating Parents Colonized With <i>Staph Aureus</i> Cuts NICU Transmission Risk
 Treating parents colonized with S aureus reduced neonatal colonization with concordant S aureus strains when compared to placebo.
The Burden of MRSA and <i>S aureus</i> in Nursing Homes
How many nursing homes have these microbes?
Global Fight Against Measles Slides Backward Since 2016
Global efforts to eliminate measles took a step backward, with the number of cases rising to 353,236 in 2018, up 167% from 132,413 cases in 2016.
Measles Infection Causes
Measles infection leaves patients vulnerable to a wide range of other pathogens by destroying antibodies for months or even years, according to a new study.
Single Dose Oritavancin May Lower 30-Day SSTI Hospital Admission Rates
Treating patients who have skin and soft tissue infections with a single dose of oritavancin may lower hospital admission rates compared to vancomycin, at a similar cost.
Enterovirus Antibodies Found in Spinal Fluid of Dozens of AFM Patients
New research found enterovirus antibodies in dozens of patients diagnosed with AFM and ruled out other viruses, offering more insight into the cause of the mysterious polio-like illness.
Contact Precautions in Long-Term VA Facilities Don't Cut MRSA Infections, Study Shows
Although use of gowns and gloves in targeted settings may still be helpful in preventing health care-associated infections, contact precaution policies in VA long-term care facilities had no impact on MRSA acquisition.