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Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists

Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists
Founded in 1990, the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists (SIDP) is an association of pharmacists and allied healthcare professionals dedicated to promoting the appropriate use of antimicrobial agents.

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Outpatient Antimicrobial Stewardship: Field of Dreams or Land of Opportunity for Pharmacists?
Relevant existing reports, though limited, demonstrated positive outcomes and suggest a promising space for pharmacy practice growth in outpatient antimicrobial stewardship. 
Daptomycin Dosing in Obesity: Consideration for a Fixed-Dose Strategy
This In the Literature piece considers a fixed-dose strategy for administering daptomycin in obese patients. 
Optimal Vancomycin Dosing in Obese Patients: Moving Toward the AUC
This In the Literature piece explores if we can mitigate some of the adverse reactions that are being seen in obese patients who receive vancomycin through AUC-dosing.
Future of Fluoroquinolones: Risks, Benefits of Antibiotic Workhorse
Warnings and concerns regarding fluoroquinolones are on the rise, but the antibiotics still play a role, albeit more limited, in the treatment of various infectious diseases.
Are Two Antibiotics Better Than One?
A commentary on β-lactam combination therapy for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia.
Treating Outpatient Cystitis in the Era of Antimicrobial Resistance
What can clinicians do now that increasing resistance has limited oral treatment options for outpatient cystitis?
Polyspecific Intravenous Immunoglobulin Plus Clindamycin for Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome
Are there advantageous effects to use of adjunctive IVIG in the treatment of STSS with clindamycin?
Globalization of Antibiotic Stewardship Programs: The World Is Waiting
The globalization of antibiotic stewardship programs is necessary in the fight against antibiotic resis­tance.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?