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The Harms of Vaccine Hesitancy
What we've seen non-immunized communities do for previously eradicated outbreaks.
Will COVID-19 Vaccines Be Safe for a Nursing Home Setting?
Heat Biologics CEO Jeff Wolf talks with Contagion about the firm's effort to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus which can potentially be administered for some seniors by taking advantage of prior immune mechanisms.
Heat Biologics gp96 Vaccine Effort Aims for T Cell Immunity
One effort to develop a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine focuses on combining antibody and T cell immunity, using a gp96 protein based technology.
Peter Hotez Urges Against Overpromising Vaccine Timeline
Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, discusses the need to take a grounded approach when discussing plans for the introduction of vaccine immunity against COVID-19.
Does Data Improve Vaccine Adherence?
What role does new research play in combating public vaccination concerns?
How Are Vaccines Deemed Safe?
A discussion on the process by which the FDA regulates vaccine candidates at a time when COVID-19 candidates are progressing.
Connecting COVID-19 to Cancer Research
Dr. Adam Brufsky, an oncologist, compares viral and cancer immunity. Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong connects the relation to COVID-19 vaccine research.
Can We Fight Coronavirus Without a Vaccine? Explaining Monoclonal Antibody Research
What happens if we don't get a COVID-19 vaccine? Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, describes another potential route for research efforts, which could also supplement vaccine development.