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The Changing Landscape of Tracking Infectious Diseases
Experts in clinical diagnostics and tracking food-borne outbreaks discuss using culture-independent diagnostic tests (CIDTs) as well as how the use of CIDTs is currently working in Colorado.
Commensal Organisms Can Protect Against Pathogenic Bacteria
Recent studies have shown how a commensal intestinal bacterium produces an enzyme that can help protect against pathogenic bacteria.
Less Than 10% of Bovine <i>E. coli</i> Strains Affect Human Health
Researchers have predicted that less than 10% of Escherichia coli 0157:H7 strains are likely to have the potential to cause human disease.
Multi-state <em>E. coli</em> O157:H7 Outbreak Linked to Beef in Massachusetts
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a multi-state outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157:H7.
Antimicrobial Resistance Study Finds No <i>mcr-1</i> Gene Presence in France
When researchers recently discovered a strain of Escherichia coli resistant to the final resort antibiotics colistin and carbapenem in the United States, it marked an increasing pattern of pan–drug-resistant bacteria appearing worldwide. A new report from France, though, may indicate that identifying and isolating these deadly superbug strains may help us control their spread.
World Leaders Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance at UN General Assembly Meeting
On September 21, 2016, delegates at the 71st meeting of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly gathered to discuss the shared danger of antimicrobial resistance, signaling the global scale of this urgent public health crisis while pledging to collectively tackle the problem of superbugs.
New Annual Report on Antimicrobial Resistance Released by UK Health Officials
Health officials around the world agree that our one of the best steps to reducing the problem of antimicrobial resistance is scaling back on unnecessary overprescribing of these medications. As doctors in many countries work to implement these efforts, a new report out of the United Kingdom shows some progress in the fight against drug-resistant “superbugs,” along with plenty of work to still be done.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Releases Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance
As health experts around the world take on the problem of antimicrobial resistance and overuse of antibiotics in humans as a prime cause, world leaders are reminding us of another contributor to this global health issue: our farming system.
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