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Health Officials Investigating <i>Salmonella</i> Outbreak Linked With Ground Turkey
A multistate outbreak of Salmonella Schwarzengrund has been attributed to consumption of ground turkey.
CDC Issues Alert for Drug-Resistant Brucellosis Linked to Raw Milk Consumption
Health officials announced that individuals who consumed raw milk from Miller’s Biodiversity Farm may have been exposed to a drug-resistant strain of brucellosis.
Furloughed or Funded—How Are Health Care Agencies Operating During the Government Shutdown?
As the government shutdown passes the 1-month mark, Contagion® investigates how it is affecting public health agencies.
Migration Likely the Source of Yemen Cholera Outbreak
Yemen is currently experiencing the largest recorded cholera outbreak in history, and investigators have determined that migration from Eastern Africa brought the outbreak strain into the nation.
Study Outlines Machine-Based Model for Identifying Drug-Resistant Bacteria
Investigators use Salmonella strains to test accuracy and resistance.
Romaine Lettuce <i>E coli</i> Outbreak Strain Found in Water Reservoir of Santa Barbara Farm
The CDC and FDA announced today that a positive sample of the romaine lettuce outbreak strain was found in the sediment of an irrigation system at Adam Bros. Farms in Santa Barbara, California.
Ready-To-Eat Pork Products Are Suspected Source of <i>Listeria Monocytogenes</i> Outbreak
Health officials are investigating an outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes in 4 states with a suspected link to ready-to-eat pork products.
Avoid All Romaine Lettuce, CDC Says
The CDC is advising all Americans to avoid romaine lettuce products until a source can be identified in an outbreak of Shiga toxin producing-E coli O157:H7 affecting 11 states and Canada.
Big advances in treatment can't make up for an inability to stop new infections, which number 5,000 per day worldwide.