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The Contagion® Norovirus specialty page provides norovirus-specific clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos and other content.


Norovirus Costs 900 Lives, $600M in US Healthcare Annually
More than 2 million ambulatory clinic encounters and 100,000 hospitalizations annually are due to the disease.
Norovirus Detection Goes Mobile With New Portable Smartphone-Based Device
Because norovirus is highly contagious in low concentrations, detection is typically conducted via a PCR-based method. But that requires time, a lab setting, and trained personnel.
Investigators Discover Antibody Capable of Inhibiting Multiple Strains of Norovirus
A single antibody, A1431, showed broad blockade toward tested GII.4 strains and was able to neutralize the pandemic GII.P16-GII.4 Sydney strain of norovirus.
Norovirus Testing Less Invasive With New Saliva-Based Assay
Investigators at Johns Hopkins have developed a new saliva-based assay that would make norovirus infection testing less invasive.
Virulent Genotype of Norovirus Linked with Longer, More Severe Outbreaks in Health Care Settings
Investigators have determined that norovirus outbreaks occur most frequently in health care settings and are often caused by strains of a virulent genotype.
Gastrointestinal Infections Can Be Transmitted to Humans Through Viral Clusters
NIH researchers discovered that norovirus and rotavirus can be transmitted through cloaked viral clusters which exacerbate the spread and severity of disease.
California Reports Over 100 Illnesses Associated with Canada's Norovirus Outbreak
The California Department of Public Health warns consumers to avoid the consumption of raw oysters harvested in British Columbia due to risk of contamination.
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