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Brazilian Study Assesses Developmental Delays in Children with Congenital Zika Syndrome
As children born in 2015-2016 with congenital Zika syndrome age, investigators are gradually able to assess neurodevelopmental outcomes.
Details of First Locally-Acquired Case of Chagas Disease in Missouri
While locally-acquired Chagas disease is rare in the United States, the testing of a blood donation sample led to what is likely the first documented case of the disease in Missouri.
US Dengue Cases Mostly Contracted Through Foreign Travel
Most US cases of dengue came from patients with a history of travel, according to a new report.
Human Rabies Case in Utah Underscores Importance of Public Health Efforts
A mass rabies exposure event in Utah in 2018 highlights the need for early recognition, public awareness and rapid public health response to the disease.
Malaria Vaccine for Pregnant Women Safe in Phase 1 Trial
The PRIMVAC placental malaria vaccine candidate was found to be safe and immunogenic.
Promising Phase 1 Safety Results for Henipavirus Antibody
A phase 1 clinical trial suggests that the m102.4 antibody is well tolerated and safe for use as a treatment against henipaviruses.
NIAID Launches Malaria Monoclonal Antibody Trial
A phase 1 clinical trial sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases will test the safety and effectiveness of monoclonal antibody CIS43LS used as prophylaxis against malaria.
Population-Based Surveillance Provides More Information on Zika-Related Birth Defects
According to new data, the prevalence of birth defects potentially related to Zika virus infection increased fourfold from January through March 2017 when compared with January to March 2016.