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Home-Based Cervical Cancer Screening Kits Show Promise
Although screening and follow-up rates were lower than expected in this trial, the option of testing for HPV at home may prove to be a game-changer. 
Lower Prevalence of Oral HPV Among Vaccinated Female Adolescents
A study of female adolescents at a health clinic in New York City has found the presence of HPV in the oral cavity is not uncommon, but the results also offer support for vaccination.
Study Demonstrates Long-Term Immunogenicity of 2-Dose HPV Vaccination Schedule
Long-term immunogenicity of a 2-dose schedule of the quadrivalent HPV vaccination was demonstrated in a new study in Canada that followed up on an earlier clinical trial.
Evidence of Herd Immunity to Oral HPV Infection Among Unvaccinated Men
A recent study found evidence of herd immunity to HPV oral infection among unvaccinated men aged 18 to 59 years in the United States.
Essential Vaccines by Age Group
As outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases grow, it is important to review vaccination recommendations by age group.
Australian Cohort Study: 1 Dose of HPV Vaccine as Effective as 2 or 3 Doses
The adjusted hazard ratios for 1-dose and 2-dose recipients were comparable to the 3-dose recipients (1 dose 1.01 [95%CI 0.81–1.26], 2 doses 1.00 [0.85–1.17]) after adjusting for age at vaccination among the vaccinated group.
Study: More Than 4 in 5 MSM on PrEP Have High-Risk HPV
Although PrEP drugs are key to preventing HIV infection, a new study by French investigators found a high prevalence of high-risk human papillomavirus infection among MSM taking PrEP.
CDC Committee Votes to Expand HPV Vaccine Recommendations for Men Up to Age 26
ACIP voted 10-to-4 to expand the recommended HPV vaccine “catch-up” age for men from 21 to 26, matching the existing guidelines for women.
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