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Gender-Specific Signatures Found in Gonorrhea Infection & Resistance Genes
A new study conducted by Tufts University School of Medicine identifies gender-specific signatures in gonorrhea infection as well as resistant genes.
Home-Based Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy Associated with Poor Quality of Life
Patients receiving home-based outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy who are female and have comorbidities are more likely to have worse outcomes, new research finds.
Shorter Pre-exposure Rabies Vaccination Schedule Effective
A recent study finds that shortening the rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis regimen is both effective and safe.
Study Finds Antimicrobial Locks Cost-Effective in Prevention of Central Line Infections
Clinical pharmacy formulations are an affordable and viable approach.
Average Interval Between HIV Tests is 1.4 Years in High-Risk Patients
A collection of survey data from 2006 through 2016 found that on average, higher-risk individuals get tested for HIV every 1.4 years.
Managing Reluctant Antibiotic Stewards: Advice From an ID Physician and an ID Pharmacist
Although challenging, it is not impossible to change some outlier behaviors.
Cutting the Drug Development Red Tape
MJH Associates, Inc & the FDA are both committed to eliminating inefficiencies and hype to deliver the most timely and relevant information to health care providers.
It Takes Two to TANGO With a Carbapenemase
Because of the global rise in antimicrobial resistance, meropenem-vaborbactam, the first carbapenem/β-lactamase combina­tion medication, is a welcome new antibac­terial.
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