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The Contagion® Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) specialty page provides HAI-specific clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos and other content.


The Top 10 Things Infection Preventionists Want for the Holidays
Here are a few things your friendly infection control team would appreciate for the holidays.
Are FMT Capsules the Next Big Thing for Recurrent <i>C. difficile</i> Treatment?
A team of investigators explores if fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) capsules are just as effective as treatment via colonoscopy.
How <i>Clostridium difficile</i> Affects the Gastrointestinal System
Panelists Peter L. Salgo, MD; Erik Dubberke, MD; Lawrence J. Brandt, MD; Dale N. Gerding, MD; and Daniel E. Freedberg, MD, MS, discuss the pathophysiology of Clostridium difficile infection and its impact on the gastrointestinal system.
SHEA Releases New Guidance for Infectious Disease Outbreak Preparedness in Hospitals
The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA), with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), released new expert guidance to help hospitals prepare for and contain infectious disease outbreaks.
Top 5 <i>Contagion</i>® News Articles for the Week of November 26, 2017
Stay up-to-date on the latest infectious disease news by checking out our top 5 articles of the week.
Understanding Why <i>Clostridium Difficile</i> Infections Occur in the Community
After differentiating between Clostridium difficile’s impact in the hospital versus the community setting, Peter L. Salgo, MD; Lawrence J. Brandt, MD; Yoav Golan, MD, MS; Daniel E. Freedberg, MD, MS; Dale N. Gerding, MD; and Erik Dubberke, MD, explore the types of people most at risk for developing the infection in the community and discuss disease severity.
GenePOC C. Diff Test Approved by FDA
The FDA has cleared the molecular test which is able to detect presence of the toxin within 70 minutes.
U.S. Governors Are Applauded for Proclaiming November <i>Clostridium difficile</i> (<i>C.difficile</i>, <i>C.diff.</i>) Infection Awareness Month
Many US Governors have signed a state proclamation proclaiming November 2017 as Clostridium difficile Infection Awareness Month,