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Vaccine Experts Sound Off On Current COVID-19 Developments
A look at the history of vaccines, our society's current standing in public health and vaccine preparedness, and what may come in the near future.
Benefits of Routine Childhood Vaccination Versus Risk of Coronavirus Infection
A benefit–risk analysis of health benefits versus excess risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection
IV-to-Oral Antibiotic Courses May Reduce Invasive Infection Readmissions During Opioid Epidemic
Providing oral antibiotics to people who inject drugs with infections may reduce hospital readmissions.
Vertical Antimicrobial Stewardship Can Take Programs to New Heights
Expansion of antimicrobial stewardship strategies to include vertical methods represents an opportunity for programs, both new and established, to further optimize antimicrobial use.
HIV Cure Research Has Slowed, But Still Progresses
The COVID-19 pandemic has put the brakes on HIV cure research, but investigators report recent progress and promising pathways nonetheless.
Medicaid Doesn't Cover All 13 Recommended Adult Vaccines in Most States
Barriers to recommended vaccine coverage for low-income American adults include disparity in Medicaid programs and low reimbursement amounts, a new study found.
New Oral Polio Vaccine Candidate Could Signal Strategy to Fight COVID-19
The attenuated virus in oral polio vaccines has developed the ability to evolve and spread to humans. Now, investigators have developed a new vaccine without the ability to make such changes.
Most State Medicaid Programs Don't Cover All 13 ACIP-Recommended Vaccines
Disparate reimbursement policies disincentivize clinicians from vaccinating adults with lower incomes.