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Does Data Improve Vaccine Adherence?
What role does new research play in combating public vaccination concerns?
How Are Vaccines Deemed Safe?
A discussion on the process by which the FDA regulates vaccine candidates at a time when COVID-19 candidates are progressing.
Can We Fight Coronavirus Without a Vaccine? Explaining Monoclonal Antibody Research
What happens if we don't get a COVID-19 vaccine? Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, describes another potential route for research efforts, which could also supplement vaccine development.
A World Without Antibiotics? Why Patients Should Care About Resistance
Dr. Pol Vandenbroucke describes the individual and collective risks associated with rising antibiotic resistance.
The Stakes of Antibiotic Stewardship
Dr. Pol Vandenbroucke talks about what makes antibiotic stewardship so important to clinicians and researchers.
Building Global Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring Capacities
Dr. Pol Vandenbroucke explains how the development of health and civil society infrastructure around the world helps to slow antimicrobial resistance.
Loss of Life From Antibiotic Resistance May Surpass Cancer By 2050
Dr. Pol Vandenbroucke describes the alarming global threat of antimicrobial resistance.
Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong: Goals of Operation Warp Speed
Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, describes goals and expectations for the accelerated coronavirus vaccine program Operation Warp Speed.