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Hospital Epidemiologists Should Continually Tailor Bundles to Ensure Effectiveness
Silvia Munoz-Price, MD, PhD, explains why infection control bundles should evolve as the problems faced by hospital epidemiologists continue to change.
Long-Acting Injectable: An Exciting New Option for HIV Prevention
Alex Rinehart, PhD, explains how the development of a long-acting injectable offers a new preventive option for HIV.
Challenges Faced When Creating a Vaccine for HIV
Hanneke Schuitemaker, PhD, explains the challenges faced when creating a vaccine for HIV.
What Were the Results of the Phase 3 EMERALD Trial?
Magda Opsomer, MD, shares the results of the Phase 3 EMERALD trial for darunavir.
What Makes ABSSSI Antibiotic Iclaprim Unique?
William D. O’Riordan, MD, FACEP, explains what makes iclaprim a unique antibiotic.
What Are the Next Steps for Iclaprim?
David Huang, PhD, MD, explains what the next steps are for iclaprim, an antibiotic developed to treat patients with acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections.
Hospital Epidemiologist: An Undefined Role?
Silvia Munoz-Price, MD, PhD, explains how the undefined role of a hospital epidemiologist can be problematic.
Latest Results of the Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment Project
Jessica Justman, MD, reveals the latest results of the Population-based HIV Impact Assessment Project (2017).
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