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Clade X Simulation Reveals United States is Not Prepared for Severe Pandemics
A simulation exercise conducted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security emphasizes the need for new policies and procedures to reduce negative outcomes in future pandemics.  
<i>Legionella</i> Bacteria Detected in Two New York City Boroughs
Legionella bacteria were detected in the water supply of a Bronx hospital as cases of Legionnaires’ disease rise in Lower Washington Heights cluster.
For Hospitals, <q>Going Green</q> Is an Infection Prevention Issue
As more and more health care organizations embrace environmental sustainability, experts say epidemiologists need to have a seat at the table to stave off infection control and prevention concerns.
The Frustrating Predicament of PPE Compliance
We know we have a problem with isolation precaution compliance, but just how bad is it?
Alleged Penicillin Allergies Lead to Higher Risk of MRSA and <em>C difficile</em>
Alternative agents are often broader spectrum than ß-lactams, subjecting patients to collateral damage and subsequent selection for resistant organisms and Clostridium difficile.
PrEP Use May Result in Increased Receipt of Non-HIV-Related Primary Care
A new study reports that PrEP users were more likely to receive more primary health care services compared with non-PrEP users.
Antibiotics Overused for Osteomyelitis in Sacral Pressure Ulcers
A new review finds antibiotics aren’t effective for osteomyelitis in sacral pressure ulcers where the bone is exposed.
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