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Prolonged Infusion of β-lactams Lowers Mortality in Sepsis Patients
A recent study finds that prolonged infusion of antipseudomonal β-lactams in patients with sepsis was associated with significantly less mortality when compared with short-term infusion.
HCV Cure Rates in Co-Infected Patients Can Be as High as HCV Mono-Infected Patients
The results of a new study show that patients who are co-infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) and HIV can experience cure rates similar to individuals infected with HCV alone when both groups receive direct-acting antiviral drugs.
World Toilet Day: Importance of Preventing Sanitation-Associated Infectious Diseases
World Toilet Day, November 9th, is dedicated to promoting awareness and inspiring action against the global sanitation crisis.
Antiviral Drug Identified as Effective Ebola Fighter
A research team has found that an antiviral drug available in Russia and a few other countries shows promising results when it comes to fighting Ebola virus disease.
Tuberculosis Susceptibility Has Genetic Basis
Researchers are gaining a greater understanding of the role that human genetics plays in determining who contracts tuberculosis as well as how severely it impacts its victims.
Hepatitis A Outbreak Triggers Efforts to Clean Up Homeless Encampments Along San Diego River
As the hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego continues, officials focus their efforts on homeless encamped along the San Diego River. Is the situation improving or getting worse?
HEPLISAV-B Approved by FDA
The vaccine is the only 2-dose regimen for the prevention of infection by all known subtypes of hepatitis b in adults 18 and older.
Treating HCV in HIV-Coinfection: Still a Therapeutic Dilemma?
Despite the availability of highly active agents against HCV, HIV-infected patients require special considerations for drug interactions when considering treatment options.