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HMPV Pneumonia Associated with Older Age, Cigarette Use, Underlying Disease
A large cohort study in South Korea found that human metapneumovirus associated pneumonia cases were strongly associated with older age, current smoking, and underlying disease.
Lower Respiratory Infections Linked with Influenza Lead to Substantial Global Health Loss
In 2017, lower respiratory tract infections linked with influenza were responsible for an estimated 145,000 deaths worldwide.
New Clinical Practice Guidelines for Seasonal Influenza
Updated guidelines will hopefully spur more clinicians to test for and treat influenza in people with symptoms whether they’re high risk or not.
Flu Vaccination Rates in US Children Up 6.8% Over This Time Last Season
With early season flu vaccination rates up from 2017-2018 early season rates, new pediatric influenza deaths around the country are prompting health officials to call for even higher vaccination rates.
Tibetan Refugee Children Suffer High Rates of Tuberculosis
A new study points to the importance of refugee health.
Exploring Primary Prophylaxis for Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis
Invasive aspergillosis affects up to 13% of immunocompromised patients who are in the hospital.
New Freeze-Drying Technique Could Help Get Polio Vaccine to Remote Areas
Freeze-drying vaccines enables health officials to get vaccines to remote areas, but until now, it has not been possible for the fragile polio vaccine.
Flu Vaccine Critical Habit for People with HIV
People living with HIV should get a flu shot each year, according to experts.
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