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Angela Campbell, MD, MPH: Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in Children With Respiratory Illness
Angela Campbell, MD, MPH, details a study on influenza vaccine effectiveness in children with respiratory illness.
Can Community-Wide Screening Help Achieve Global Tuberculosis Goals?: Public Health Watch
NEJM study suggests testing everyone, regardless of symptoms, can reduce prevalence.
Study Evaluates Mortality in Pediatric Invasive Aspergillosis Patients
The most common presentation for pediatric invasive aspergillosis patients was a pulmonary infection.
Should Clinicians Use N95 Respirators to Prevent Respiratory Illness?
A new study delves into the debate of N95 respirators versus surgical masks for seasonal influenza and other respiratory illnesses.
As Hurricane Season Begins, Officials Prepare for Potential Outbreaks
Natural disasters like hurricanes can have implications for public health, including a heightened risk of infectious diseases.
FDA Activity Tracker: Top Approvals of 2019 to Date
As the summer comes to a close, our editorial team is looking back at the top FDA approvals of 2019 to date and looking ahead at what is left on the docket this year.
MF59 Adjuvanted Influenza Vaccines Demonstrate Potential Seasonal, Pandemic Use
Investigators with Seqirus presented findings from a handful of studies on a MF59 adjuvanted influenza vaccine at the Options for the Control of Influenza (OPTIONS X) Conference in Singapore.
Duration of Antibiotics Remains Excessive for Many Hospitalized with Pneumonia
Two-thirds of patients hospitalized with pneumonia received an excess duration of antibiotic treatment, and the results can be detrimental.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?