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Pneumonia Linked With 43% of Unexpected Infectious Deaths in Study
Infectious diseases were responsible for 6% of unexpected deaths over a 2-year period in Ontario, highlighting the importance of prevention strategies.
Children With Extensively Drug-Resistant TB Achieve Better Treatment Outcomes Than Adults
Although 30% of adults with XDR TB are successfully cured or complete treatment, a new study has found that children have far more favorable outcomes and lower mortality rates.
US Influenza Activity Reached New Seasonal High in Mid-February
Although influenza A H1N1 continues to dominate the current flu season in the US, H3N2 viruses are on the rise in some parts of the country.
FDA Grants QIDP Designation to SPR720 for NTM Infections
Spero Therapeutics announced that SPR720, an oral agent being developed for the treatment of lung infections caused by NTM, has received QIDP designation from the FDA.
Rates of Lung Disease May Be Influenced by Mycobacterial Colonization in Municipal Water
Mycobacterium avium isolates were detected in household water in 81.1% of households sampled in a new study, suggesting a link to Mycobacterium avium complex lung disease.
Use of Respiratory Viral Panels Does Not Impact Clinical Outcomes in ICU Patients
A study reports that a respiratory virus infection diagnosis was not linked with a decrease in antibiotic exposure and use of respiratory viral panels did not affect clinical outcomes.
Antibiotic Use Following Ventilation for RSV Linked to Shortened Clinical Courses
Antibiotic prescription following ventilation in children with RSV-LRTI was associated with a 1.21-day shorter duration of ventilation and a 2.07-day shorter length of hospital stay.
FDA Approves Premixed Vancomycin Injection
The FDA has approved room temperature stable, premixed vancomycin injections, which will be available in ready-to-use bags.
Big advances in treatment can't make up for an inability to stop new infections, which number 5,000 per day worldwide.