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Childhood Lower Respiratory Infection Deaths Decline, But Room for Improvement Remains
Overall deaths of young children attributable to lower respiratory infections have dropped by more than half in the past 3 decades. However, the rate of death remains far too high considering that most of these deaths are preventable.
De-Escalation in the Setting of Culture-Negative Pneumonia
This In the Literature piece features a case vignette on the de-escalation of antibiotics for culture-negative pneumonia.
Neuraminidase Protein Could be a Target for New Influenza Treatments and Vaccines
While most influenza vaccines target the binding protein hemagglutinin, a new study shows cross-strain results for treatment and prevention focused on the glycoprotein neuraminidase.
Shikha Garg, MD, MPH: Influenza Vaccination Associated With Reduced Odds of Severe Outcomes
A study by Shikha Garg, MD, MPH, and her team with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention boosts the evidence base for the benefit of influenza vaccination.
WHO Report Indicates Progress, Highlights Gaps Toward TB Elimination
According to the WHO’s latest Global TB Report, more than 7 million individuals received treatment for the disease in 2018, but funding gaps could stall progress toward ending TB by 2030.
Angela Campbell, MD, MPH: Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in Children With Respiratory Illness
Angela Campbell, MD, MPH, details a study on influenza vaccine effectiveness in children with respiratory illness.
Can Community-Wide Screening Help Achieve Global Tuberculosis Goals?: Public Health Watch
NEJM study suggests testing everyone, regardless of symptoms, can reduce prevalence.
Study Evaluates Mortality in Pediatric Invasive Aspergillosis Patients
The most common presentation for pediatric invasive aspergillosis patients was a pulmonary infection.
Is there a cure? How long until we find it? And will it work for the majority of people living with HIV?