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Coronavirus Cases Outside Wuhan Cause Alarm, but Few are
Screening for 2019 novel coronavirus continues around the world. A new research letter on the clinical characteristics of 13 patients sheds light on the nature of cases outside of Wuhan, China.
First Flu Exposure Impacts Lifelong Susceptibility
The first strain of influenza virus a person is exposed to in early childhood impacts their ability to fight flu for life. The phenomenon is known as antigenic imprinting.
HHS and Regeneron Partner on Coronavirus Antibody Treatment
The US Department of Health and Human Services announced that it is expanding an existing collaboration with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in order to pursue a treatment for the 2019 novel coronavirus.
Epidemiology Details of the First 425 Novel Coronavirus Patients
An article concludes that there has been human-to-human transmission among close contacts since the middle of December 2019.
Remdesivir Being Evaluated Against Novel Coronavirus
Gilead Sciences is collaborating with Chinese, US, and global health officials in order to investigate the safety and efficacy of their investigational antiviral compound remdesivir against the novel coronavirus.
Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak PHEIC Decision Delayed
The WHO International Health Regulations Emergency Committee convened on January 22rd to discuss the status of the coronavirus outbreak. The committee was split on their decision and will reconvene on January 23rd. 
CDC Confirms First US Case of Wuhan Coronavirus
The case has been confirmed in an individual in Washington State.
Understanding Influenza Hospitalization Among Pregnant Women
An international study offers new insight on cases of influenza hospitalization among pregnant women.
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