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In Utero Zika Exposure Leads to a Range of Abnormalities
Microcephaly is not the only manifestation of developmental problems after antenatal exposure to the Zika virus. And even infants who appear normal at birth may display differences as they grow.
Brazilian Study Assesses Developmental Delays in Children with Congenital Zika Syndrome
As children born in 2015-2016 with congenital Zika syndrome age, investigators are gradually able to assess neurodevelopmental outcomes.
Population-Based Surveillance Provides More Information on Zika-Related Birth Defects
According to new data, the prevalence of birth defects potentially related to Zika virus infection increased fourfold from January through March 2017 when compared with January to March 2016.
In Utero Zika Exposure May Cause Unexpected Neurodevelopmental Abnormalities
A study in JAMA Pediatrics suggests that infants exposed to Zika in utero who do not show signs of congenital Zika syndrome may still be at risk for abnormal neurodevelopmental outcomes.
ECDC Confirms Locally-Acquired Zika Cases in France
Zika virus was previously only found in regions of Asia, the Pacific Islands, South America, and Africa. ECDC has now confirmed 3 locally acquired cases in southern Europe.
HIV Drug Rilpivirine Stops Viral Replication of Zika Virus
By repurposing the HIV treatment rilpivirine, investigators have opened up possibilities for treating Zika virus and other flavivirus infections which overlap with HIV.
An Estimated 5700 Zika Cases Went Unreported in 2017 Cuban Outbreak
Although Cuba reported no cases of Zika virus in 2017 and 2018, investigators used travel data and genomic epidemiology to uncover a large, “hidden” Zika outbreak.
Adverse Outcomes From Zika May Hinge on Mother's Antibodies
Although antibodies normally shield us from infection, a new study suggests that certain maternal antibodies may actually make it easier for Zika virus to gain a foothold and cause birth defects.