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Acute Zika Emerges as Risk Factor for Guillain-Barre Syndrome
At the 2017 Annual EIS Conference, researchers presented findings from a prospective case-control study on acute Zika infection at 9 hospitals in Puerto Rico, as well as on a patient who was paralyzed due to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, unrelated to Zika infection.
Top 5 <i>Contagion</i>® News Articles for the Week of April 30, 2017
In case you missed them, here are our top 5 articles for the week of April 30, 2017.
CDC Updates Zika Testing Guidelines for Pregnant Women
The CDC just released updated testing recommendations for asymptomatic pregnant women with possible exposure to the Zika virus. 
New Compound May Block Zika Virus Replication As Puerto Rico Faces Heat on Misreporting Cases
Researchers may have discovered a way to prevent Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya viruses from replicating in human cells.
A New Kind of Detective: SHERLOCK Platform May Rapidly Detect Zika & Dengue
The NIH has developed a platform called SHERLOCK, capable of quickly detecting small amounts of nucleic acid sequences—and it’s cheap.
Top 5 <i>Contagion</i>® News Articles for the Week of April 23, 2017
In case you missed them, here are our top 5 articles for the week of April 23, 2017.
Researchers Identify Zika Incubation Period and Optimal Testing Methods
Two studies published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Emerging Infectious Diseases journal have outlined just how local and travel-related Zika cases differ, as well as which testing method is most sensitive to Zika virus RNA.
Yellow Fever: A Transcontinental Threat?
The New England Journal of Medicine recently published two pieces on yellow fever. The first reports on the situation in the Americas, while the second recounts the case of a man from Angola who was found to be coinfected with yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis virus, although he reported no history of travel.