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The Contagion® Zika virus specialty page provides clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos on the Zika virus.


How Does the Zika Virus Cross the Placenta?
Lenore Pereira, PhD, professor of Cell and Tissue Biology at University of California, San Francisco, discusses how Zika crosses the placenta.
How Was Singapore's Zika Virus Outbreak Quickly Contained?
Annelies Wilder-Smith, MD, PhD, professor at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine in Singapore, discusses why the Zika virus outbreak in Singapore did not reach such large proportions as those that occurred in the Americas.
Congenital Zika Syndrome Results in Auditory Complications
Viviane Boaventura, MD, PhD, researcher, Fiocruz-Bahia, Gonçalo Moniz Institute, Brazil, discusses her research regarding impaired hearing function due to congenital Zika syndrome.
Can Data Sharing Shed Light on Congenital Zika Syndrome?
Alice Panchaud, PharmD, PhD, clinical pharmacist and pharmacoepidemiologist, CHUV, Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland, explains how data sharing may be used to answer important questions regarding congenital Zika syndrome.
How Does <i>Wolbachia</i> Block Dengue Virus Transmission?
Matthew Aliota, PhD, research scientist, University of Wisconsin, Pathobiological Sciences, explains why the mechanism behind how Wolbachia blocks Dengue virus transmission is not yet fully understood.
What Are the Implications of Prolonged Zika Virus RNA Shedding?
Marta G. Cavalcanti, MD, PhD, physician at Infectious Diseases Clinic, Hospital Universitario Clementino Fraga Filho, UFRJ, Brazil, discusses how the period of RNA shedding correlates with the severity of complications associated with mono- or coinfection in Zika patients.
What Efforts Are Being Made to Further Understand the Zika Virus?
Daniel Eiras, MD, MPH, hospital epidemiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, discusses efforts to understand the Zika virus.
Zika Response at NYU Langone Medical Center
Daniel Eiras, MD, MPH, hospital epidemiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, discusses Zika response at NYU Langone Medical Center.