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Ebola Outbreak Updates & The Role of Nosocomial Transmission
The latest on this ever-changing and complex outbreak.
HCV Screening Rate Triples With Multifaceted Intervention
A multifaceted intervention has tripled the rate of hepatitis C virus screening in a baby boomer population.
Study Identifies a Safe Way to Transplant Organs from Hepatitis C-Positive Donors: Public Health Watch
DONATE-HCV trial offers new hope to those on waiting lists for new hearts and/or lungs.
Uganda Tests Preparedness for Ebola as DRC Documents 26 Deaths in 1 Day
As Ebola case counts continue to climb in the ongoing outbreak, emergency preparedness simulations are underway in Uganda.
Are Frontline Hospitals Ready for a Patient With Ebola?
Designated frontline hospitals were expected to identify, isolate, and hold an Ebola patient for 12-24 hours, but an analysis cites gaps in biopreparedness in these facilities.
Study Highlights the Issue of Lingering Symptoms for Ebola Survivors
Ebola virus survivors experience ongoing symptoms following infection, and a new study tracks how those patients compare in health with close contacts who weren’t infected.
Utah's Public Health Approach to Recent Hepatitis A Outbreak
In May 2017, a case of hepatitis A was detected in a Salt Lake County hospital. Over the next 20 months, Utah health officials worked to address what ended up being the largest hepatitis A outbreak in the state’s history. 
The European Union's Prison Infectious Disease Complex
On any given day 590,000 individuals are incarcerated across the EU, yet surveillance and reporting for new infectious disease diagnoses are only required for tuberculosis.
Big advances in treatment can't make up for an inability to stop new infections, which number 5,000 per day worldwide.