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Ebola Survivors Face Stigma, Reproductive Health Impact
Infectious disease specialists explain how long term international cooperation with impacted societies can help to stop the cycle of Ebola outbreaks.
Ebola Outbreak Reaches 60 Patients in Mbandaka, DRC
How might this new outbreak in Mbandaka differ from the recent outbreak in Kivu, a more conflict-prone region of the DRC?
Applying African Ebola Response Experience to the Coronavirus Pandemic
West and Central African nations have been developing infrastructure to combat ebola, malaria, malnutrition, and more. 
Why is Ebola Endemic to the DRC?
In Mbandaka, an 11th outbreak of Ebola is emerging. This outbreak has renewed questions about what makes the virus such a challenge for Congolese society to reign in.
Complicating the Coronavirus Lockdown Debate
A modeling study from Imperial College shows the pandemic may have significant effect on mortality among other infectious disease patients.
Next Steps for HCV Vaccine Development
Andrea L. Cox, MD, PhD, comments on the future of HCV vaccine development efforts in light of the 2019 trial which did not prevent chronic infection.
Challenges Developing a Hepatitis C Vaccine
Andrea L. Cox, MD, PhD, discusses some of the challenges in developing a vaccine for hepatitis C and details the results of a vaccine trial.