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CDC Quarantines Potentially Defective Equipment
Shedding light on the perils of faulty personal protective equipment.
Hepatic Steatosis Affects More HIV Patients without HCV Coinfection
Researchers elucidate the prevalence of hepatic steatosis in patients infected with HIV, as well as in patients coinfected with HIV and HCV.
Will Criminalizing Opioid Abuse Stop the Problem? Public Health Watch Report
This week we explore whether or not a national state of emergency and criminalizing opioid abuse will really help to stop the problem.
Sofosbuvir-Based Treatment Offers High SVR Rates in Hard-to-Treat HCV Genotype 3 Patients
A new study finds that sofosbuvir-based treatment in a real-life setting offered SVR rates greater than 90% in hard-to-treat HCV genotype 3 patients with advanced liver disease.
Ebola RNA Can Persist in Semen Two Years After Acute Infection Period
A recent study suggests that Ebola virus RNA can remain in the genital tract for more than 2 years following the acute infection period.
Age is No Longer a Barrier to Hepatitis C Treatment with Newer DAAs
A recent study finds that the use of sofosbuvir-based direct-acting antivirals for HCV treatment was effective and well-tolerated in elderly patients.
Hepatitis B Vaccine Continues to Jump Hurdles on Its Way to Potential FDA Approval
The decision date for a NDA for a new hepatitis B vaccine, Dynavax’s Heplisav-B, has been delayed, as the FDA asked for more post-marketing study information on the vaccine.
Risk for Cancer-Causing Infections Highest in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Despite the progress that has been made, more research is needed on cancer prevention, hepatitis B, and human papillomavirus vaccines.
Big advances in treatment can