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The Contagion® Blood-borne specialty page provides blood-borne-specific clinical news and articles, coverage from conferences and meetings, links to condition-specific resources, and videos and other content.


Challenges Developing a Hepatitis C Vaccine
Andrea L. Cox, MD, PhD, discusses some of the challenges in developing a vaccine for hepatitis C and details the results of a vaccine trial.  
Advancements in the Field of Blood Culture Testing
Melvin Weinstein MD, discusses the emerging technologies that will advance the field of blood culture testing.
Treating Immunocompromised Patients with Hepatitis B
Kenneth Sherman, MD, discusses hepatitis B infections in immunocompromised patients and what clinicians should expect to see in the future for hepatitis B treatment.
Zoonotic Transmission of the Hepatitis E Virus
Kenneth E. Sherman, MD discusses the zoonotic hepatitis E virus and about the first reported case of rat-to-human transmission.
<i>Pseudomonas</i> Infections: Secondary Approach to Treatment
Panelists discuss their personal approaches to treating Pseudomonas infections when an earlier strategy has failed, taking into consideration past treatments, a patient’s sepsis status, and timely decision making.
Consequences to Long-Term Antibiotic Therapy
Leonard Sigal, MD, explains the potential adverse consequences of long-term antibiotic therapy.
Does Cabotegravir Interact with Any Other Medications?
Alex Rinehart, PhD, explains if cabotegravir interacts with any other medications.
When Comorbidities Influence HIV Management
In this segment, Eric S. Daar, MD; Joseph Eron, MD; Ian Frank, MD; Peter L. Salgo, MD; and Paul E. Sax, MD, outline various comorbidities that can influence HIV treatment selection, such as kidney disease, or hepatitis B or C.