Camilo Mora, PhD


When Climate Change Gets Personal: The Expanding Threat of Mosquito Habitats

As someone who lives with the long-term effects of chikungunya, Camillo Mora PhD, sees the expanding habitat of mosquitos and is concerned more people will be exposed to vector-borne illnesses and deal with not only the acute phases of these viruses but also the possibility of long-term health effects they can present.

Amy Rowley, PharmD


Unmasking the Infodemic: The Impact of COVID-19 Misinformation on Public Health

Social media platforms, public health agencies, and communities must join forces to stop the rapid spread of false information.

Hawra Al-Lawati, MD


Climate Change Effects on Vector-Borne Disease: The Case of Lyme

With evolving weather patterns, the natural habitat of ticks is expanding, and more people are becoming susceptible to them.

Krutika Kuppalli, MD, FIDSA; and Syra Madad, DHSc, MSc


Emerging Infectious Diseases During COVID-19

In this era of increasingly mobile and connected populations, it is possible for an infection to spread around the world in 24 to 48 hours.

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